We’re Getting Closer

We’re Getting Closer to Our Grand Opening! Tickets & Opening Date Info Coming Soon! Stay Tuned! The Escape Zone is Brevard County’s only attraction inspired by the escape room craze sweeping the nation. It’s an interactive game & mental workout set in a real, physical location that challenges you to decode & decrypt your way out of a “locked” room. The Escape Zone is an adventure inside four walls…an escape from the ordinary world. It’s not about your survival but about testing your skills and meeting a mental challenge.
Each Room Available to Attempt in the Escape Zone features its own unique theme, challenges and props. You are in an unusual space. You must explore each clue, secret, find hidden secrets and crack codes to find your way out. The Escape Zone is the ULTIMATE team-building exercise! Only by communicating, working together and using your time wisely will you find the clues, tools and items to escape! Website, videos, pics and opening date coming soon!

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What is an Escape Room? We are so glad you asked! Work Continues