What is an Escape Room? We are so glad you asked!

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An Escape Room Game is a real life interactive game that challenges you to think your way out of a “locked” room. It’s an adventure inside four walls…an escape from the ordinary world. It’s not about your survival but about testing your skills and meeting a mental challenge.

Escape Rooms have different stories, puzzles, themes and goals but they all conform to a certain set of rules. You are in an unusual space. You must explore. The clock is ticking. You must solve your way out.

Your team will discover secrets, find hidden objects, solve puzzles and crack codes. Your team may be your greatest asset and your biggest challenge. Only by communicating, working together and using your time wisely will you find the clues, tools and items to escape!

To get a closer look, see the overview of our Current Escape Room Games [CLICK HERE]

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