8 players

60 min

About the Rooms


This game was designed to be family friendly yet is fun for all ages! Bring the kiddos, or just spoil your inner child with an escape from reality into the whimsy of StoryWorld!

After stumbling across a magical storybook in the woods, your group is whisked away to a land of fairy tales and enchantment, where the sweetened words from a stranger lure you in. You soon find yourselves held captive by StoryWorld’s villainous witch, who has dinner plans you DON’T want to be in attendance for! After taking your magical storybook and hiding its pages throughout her cabin, she heads out to gather a few last secret ingredients. You have one hour to find all the pages and restore the book’s power before she returns to cook up her main course!

604 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 914-4524